Going on Your First Boat Cruise

Things You Should Be Aware of Before Going on Your First Boat Cruise


Congratulations on planning your first boat cruise in Singapore. Now comes the exciting part: determining everything you want to see, do, taste, and experience during your cruise, both on and off the ship.

Before embarking on your first cruise, it is useful to acquire a few tips, just as you would for any other first experience, from vacation destinations to employment.

The following five tips will help you plan and enjoy your first cruise.

Avoid the Buffet on the Day of Embarkation

Embarkation day can be protracted. For many, it begins with an early morning wake-up call, continues with a long journey to port, and concludes with a great deal of thumb-twiddling in a drab, amenity-free terminal. All this pre-cruise preparation can lead to gurgling stomachs once onboard, often resulting in a stampede to the buffet. On embarkation day, the main dining room or another dining venue will be open on many ships. If you’re seeking some peace and quiet on embarkation day, check your app for restaurant hours or visit guest services to learn about your dining options.

Get a Drink Package Before Setting Sail

A drink package can save you money and time while sailing, so if you want to really get into vacation mode, you should purchase one before boarding the ship. You will likely save money, as cruise lines frequently offer discounts on these packages in advance. You will be required to pay in advance rather than onboard.

Do Not Be the First to Disembark the Ship at Port

The moment your ship draws into port, it can feel as though half of the passengers are already waiting at the ship’s gangway with their luggage and cameras. Waiting for disembarkation is chaotic and, quite candidly, tedious. If you have not booked a shore excursion that departs immediately after disembarkation, take a long breath and let the throng pass. Grab another cup of coffee from the ship’s coffee bar and observe the process from the relative peace of the ship’s outer decks.

Spend Less on Your Port Excursions

Shore excursions are visits that take place in each port offered by cruise ships. Unfortunately, most cruise lines charge extra for these amenities. While purchasing these excursions through the cruise line ensures that everything is handled, the costs can be prohibitive. To save money, arrange autonomous shore excursions through a company. Just ensure that your excursion falls within your port time.

Do Your Research Regarding the Weather

Before embarking on a cruise in this era of ever-increasing extremes, it pays to conduct some weather reconnaissance. Wet and arid seasons are shifting in regions of the globe where cruise ships frequently travel, and extreme summer temperatures are becoming the norm. Therefore, you will also need to verify the weather in multiple locations during your journey.


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