The Azimut S10 combines

The Azimut S10 combines style, innovation, and performance.


The Azimut Grande S10, the premier model of the esteemed Italian yachting brand Azimut Yachts, was unveiled with grandeur at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival in an effort to establish a new standard. This model, which is part of the renowned Azimut S Line, offers a harmonious blend of efficacy, innovation, and elegance. With Alberto Mancini’s sculptural finesse defining the exterior styling and Francesco Guida’s nuanced sophistication defining the interiors, the S10 is the epitome of sleek contemporary yachting.

Yacht spatial design has been revolutionised by Mancini’s vision, which was influenced by the aerodynamic sleekness of sports cars and the panoramic views from Malibu’s seaside villas. The S10’s expansive 20-square-meter flybridge and versatile main deck configuration forge a novel interior narrative by eschewing conventional conventions. This inventive strategy resulted in the creation of the yacht’s signature feature: the infinity terrace on the main deck’s aft. This architectural achievement offers an immersive yachting experience that is highlighted by a central carbon and steel staircase. This functional and aesthetically pleasing structure seamlessly connects the exterior spaces, extending the main saloon and lounge to the sheltered outdoor seating area. The furniture on the terrace is easily reconfigurable, allowing it to transition from an alfresco dining area to a dance floor as the occasion requires.

The Azimut S10 features a swimming transom that, when deployed, extends the exterior capacity by a significant 10 square metres, further enhancing its connection to the sea. In her design, adaptability remains of paramount importance. Elegant curved glass doors delineate the saloon and dining areas, which can be modified to facilitate social interactions or guarantee privacy, depending on the owner’s preferences. The bow features a well-appointed lounge, complete with sunpads and armchairs, designed for sun lovers of the highest calibre. Furthermore, the canopy, which is divided between the flybridge and the main deck, exemplifies this philosophy.

As one of the first vessels to incorporate a glass bridge, its design is a synthesis of innovation and aesthetic excellence.

Her living quarters, which are located on the lower deck, are also designed to reflect the luxurious yet comfortable qualities of her exterior. The primary attraction is her exquisite master cabin, which features a chaise lounge, bar and a designated workspace or vanity. Complementing this are two VIP cabins with queen beds and a versatile VIP cabin, ensuring that each visitor enjoys the utmost in luxury on the open seas. The inclusion of a fully-equipped galley, two crew cabins, and a discrete dumb waiter exemplifies the S10’s dedication to fusing opulence and functionality. Beyond her unparalleled design and amenities, the S10 stands as a beacon of force and performance. She commands the waters with a maximum speed of 35 knots and an impressive cruising speed of 30 knots, thanks to twin 2,600 MTU 16V engines. 

The Azimut S10 represents the finest in sports yachts, flybridges, and luxury, making it the ideal choice for discerning proprietors. For more information on the S10, contact FGI Yacht Group today.


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