10 good reasons to spend your holidays at the campsite


For all tastes, for all budgets, in complete safety, with your children, with your teenagers, camping is the ideal solution for a successful holiday! You will fill up with memories and activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while enjoying a comfortable stay. (By Marion Plasse)

1. A varied choice

Camping is the choice of variety! With a selection of 9,000 campsites in Europe including 3,000 in France on , you won’t be short of ideas for organizing the holidays you really want. From small family sites to large club villages, from farm campsites to 5-star spas, there is a very wide range of campsites. Whether you are more nature and countryside looking for calm and authenticity, or rather a vitaminized seaside resort looking for activities and outings, you will find what you need.

2. For all budgets

Who says wide range of choice also says wide range of prices. Campsites are now classified from 1 to 5 stars like hotels. 1-star establishments correspond to budget open-air hotels .The 2 and 3 stars are mid-range campsites equipped with a reception desk which will be open 24 hours a day for the 3 stars, a play area for children, and with staff speaking at least two languages. The 3-star establishments offer internet access and catering services.

3. Atmosphere and friendliness

Camping is the atmosphere and it’s not only Patrick Chirac who will tell you! It is the ideal vacation spot to make friends of all ages and share activities and aperitifs. Each campsite has its own atmosphere, its own spirit, whether it is a small natural and family site or a modern and lively open-air hotel. To choose the campsite that suits you and where you will feel good, there are several criteria to take into account. Ask yourself, for example, if it organizes evening entertainment, the number of pitches it has or the proportion of rentals (mobile homes, chalets, etc.).

4. So many activities!

From sunrise to sunset, the activities punctuate the life of campers, and whether natural, sporting or festive, there is something for all ages and for all tastes! In order to offer even more services to their customers, the managers of campsites have in particular greatly developed their offer of sports activities. In addition to the traditional aquagym lessons, ping-pong or pétanque tournaments, and volleyball matches, you can have access to multiple disciplines that you do not have the opportunity to practice in your daily life.

5. Children’s Paradise

The campsite is undoubtedly a paradise for children, but also for parents! Especially in large campsites where supercharged entertainment teams take care of the children all day long. In many campsites you will find mini-clubs for kids from around 5 to 12 years old. Some establishments even have baby clubs welcoming young children under the age of 4. Among the many activities offered to little ones, you will find: introduction to the gym or fishing, circus school, manual work, preparation of shows, make-up and disguise, sports Olympics, photo shoots with the campsite mascot, drawing contest, treasure hunt, cabin building, pony or even camel rides, etc., etc. But also activities are more educational: observation of birds of prey,

6. All destinations

There are campsites everywhere! By the sea, in the forest, in the countryside, in the mountains, far from everything or near major tourist sites, there is no shortage of holiday destinations either. From Corsica to the Cévennes, from Spain to Brittany, from the Basque Country to the Côte d’Azur, from the Dordogne to the Ardèche, from the Vendée to Normandy, from the Camargue to the Gorges du Verdon, from the Alps to Pyrenees… You will be spoiled for choice!

7. With your teenagers

If many teenagers no longer want to go on family vacation, they will change their minds when they see the campsite their parents have chosen. Football and beach volleyball matches, surfing or kite surfing lessons, introduction to hip hop or circus school, concerts and nightclubs, there is no shortage of activities. Some campsites even offer, like the mini-club for children, teen clubs for young people aged 13 to 17. Fun, thrills, encounters and sharing, camping really has all the ingredients!

8. A safe vacation

The campsite is a protected space for you and for your children. The managers of the campsites do their utmost to preserve the safety of people and property on their land so that you can enjoy your holidays with peace of mind. Some of them even call on surveillance companies, especially in seaside resorts with very high summer attendance. In order to favor the tranquility of their customers, many campsite managers also limit car traffic on their site, or even prohibit it.

9. Comfortable and unusual accommodation

If pitching the tent, inflating the air mattresses and setting up your caravan remains an activity very popular with a large number of holidaymakers, camping today is not just about that. Campgrounds now called “outdoor hotels” mainly offer rental accommodation that comes in various and varied forms. From the chalet on stilts to the cabin on the water, from the canvas bungalow to the lodge tent, from the Polynesian faré to the Mongolian yurt, from the cottage to the caravan, you will find everything! And be aware that even traditional accommodation such as mobile homes have been modernized. The new generation mobile homes can be up to 45 m2, and the most luxurious include a solarium on the roof, a jacuzzi on the terrace, and offer maximum comfort.

10. Listening to all your desires

Do you like nature ? Gastronomy ? Oenology? Water sports ? Are you naturists, riders or fishermen? Do you want to relax, have a massage and enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy? Or partying in nightclubs and attending concerts?


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