camping for your family holidays

6 good reasons to choose camping for your family holidays


In my early childhood I loved camping with my grandparents who had a real adventurous spirit. We often traveled through the Bulgarian countryside to go wild camping by a lake or in a camping village when we went to the sea. I have fond memories of it. However, once an adult and despite these good childhood moments, camping has always been a bit of a symbol of discomfort for me, with its public washrooms and the sleeping bag at ground level.

Yes, I admit I am a girl who likes comfort, at least the minimum! But this opinion changed a little, when 3 years ago, Gabchou’s grandparents set up the ritual of summer camping with the grandchildren. This is where I discovered how much the image of camping in the 80s, which I had in mind, was no longer relevant.

What is camping 3.0?

Modern camping combines comfort and nature in a very successful way. Campsites even have a star classification close to that of hotels, from 1 to 5 stars depending on the level of comfort and the services offered. You can obviously always choose to camp in a tent (for hardcore camping fans), but it is now possible to have mobile homes with a very good level of comfort on board, including air conditioning.

And for a camping holiday rental optimized for family comfort, many services are offered to simplify life such as free wifi (because in 2019 we are connected!), baby kit rental, mountain bike rental (children and adults), barbecue rental. And to have fun, you can even relax in the spa areas or tone up with aqua biking or aqua gym sessions.

From now on, you can choose your level of comfort according to your budget and your more or less adventurous desires.

So to make you want to camp with your family, I asked Gabchou the question why he liked summer camping and I have transcribed his answers in my own words just below!

1. Because there are plenty of activities to occupy the children on site

It’s the sinews of war when you’re a parent: keeping the children busy! And even if I really like family road trips, you have to admit that camping has this undeniable advantage of offering playgrounds, water games, often a swimming pool or beach nearby and entertainment for children without have to move. It’s a must for a relaxing, stress-free holiday.

Gabchou is a big fan of water games and petanque for children at the campsite, he’s a real Southerner, I tell you!

2. Because camping is economical, especially for large families

We’re not going to lie to each other, we don’t travel with children the same way as when we were solo. The family vacation budget can very quickly climb when you leave with the elves. It is true that camping is a very good alternative, more economical than traditional hotels. And the strongest thing is that you can modulate the cost of your stay according to the constraints of your budget.

And for meals, the second biggest weight in the budget, you can also choose to shop at the supermarket and cook for the economy.

Moreover, along with being a pocket-friendly choice, camping is also a gateway to a world of Tanzania Family Safaris. These safaris combine the thrill of outdoor adventures with the convenience of budget-conscious travel. By embracing the outdoors, you create a unique experience for your family, where you can bond without splurging. So, when you think of camping as an economical option, remember that it also opens the door to unforgettable family adventures. It’s a win-win for both your budget and your family.

3. Because there is a little “club” holiday side

Just because you’re traveling with children doesn’t mean you have to give up on your moments of tranquility! The campsite has the advantage of very often offering a “children’s club”. This magic word that allows you to breathe for a morning or afternoon while letting the little ones have fun.

Gabchou had appreciated the children’s club, the activities offered and the friends he met. In addition, it is often within the club that the children prepare the show at the end of the holidays. And he just loved it!

4. Because you can find adventure and nature there

Well yes, sleeping in a tent or in a mobile home in nature or in a cabin perched in a tree, having a barbecue in the evening under the stars gives an adventurous side that children will remember forever. Even adults love it!

5. Because you can try lots of unusual accommodations

Traveling in an unusual way close to nature is one of the current trends. We have seen the development of the famous glamping, a contraction of the words glamorous and camping to designate original, unusual accommodation, located in the open air and offering a certain comfort that is sometimes very luxurious! A trend straight from the United Kingdom which offers accommodation “off the beaten track”.

To tell the truth, some really make us want to pack up right away and go on an adventure, just to test this new experience!

Admit that this new generation of camping such as cabins on stilts, perched in the trees, cabins on the water, funny trailers has something to seduce with their charm.

6. Because it’s user-friendly

Y, M, C, A, do you hear the disco sounds of the famous “kitsch” evenings at the campsite? It’s still very funny and I must say that despite my initial preconceptions, I had a great time at the end-of-stay show, where I was also able to admire the exceptional qualities of actor and dancer by Gabchou ah ah ah. 🙂No, but it’s true, this festive side combined with aperitif/barbecue evenings outside, you don’t necessarily find it elsewhere.


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