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Everest Base Camp Trek for History Enthusiasts


Everest base camp is one of the best trekking spots for anyone who is a history enthusiast. There are lots of things that will sit right with you when you are at the Everest base camp as there is so much to explore and discover, not only about the mountain but the history and the past related to it. There are many mountains that you can see from the Everest base camp itself. Therefore, you won’t only be getting knowledge of a single mountain’s history but that of many other mountains nearby. Moreover, the people in the area will definitely interest you more than anything at the same time. 

If you want to know if the Everest base camp trek is the best for history enthusiasts, make sure to read till the end of this article! 

Everest Base Camp trek incidents and history

Everest base camp is one of the highest base camps in Nepal. Hence, you are more than likely to find some of the most interesting facts about the mountains as well as get to know about what happened at Everest base camp in the past. Everest base camp has never really been a risk-free zone. Though the chances of getting into a risky accident have somewhat always been quite low, it was never zero. 

One of the most devastating incidents that took place in the history of Everest base camp has to be the time when the aftermath of an avalanche took the lives of many people. It was not the avalanche itself but the aftermath, causing a big lump of ice to drop into the middle of the base camp. The people there were not sure about what would come their way and whether they would even meet with an accident on that day. Though fairly safer than the mountain itself, the Everest base camp became the reason for the death of several trekkers in 2015. This incident took place back when Nepal had one of its biggest earthquakes. The avalanche aftermath caused the death of 15 people, while 70 more people were left with severe injuries

Why are there body parts at Everest Base Camp?

Though people have not really died in Everest base camp as much as they have in the mountain itself, throughout the passage of time, many dead mountaineers have been swept to the base camp due to environmental conditions. Likewise, there have been several cases where people died and remained in Everest and the neighboring mountain Lhotse, which is quite close to the Everest base camp as well. 

The human remnants or body parts at the Everest Base camp mark the lives of some unfortunate mountaineers and trekkers who could not make it out alive of the mountain. These bodies have never really been retrieved from the mountain. While a lot of bodies are left in the mountain after death, body parts of these late mountaineers tend to remain untouched years after getting swept to the Everest base camp. For anyone interested in history, the Everest base camp just might be the most interesting place to learn about some of the most tragic incidents. 

What is the history of people at Everest Base Camp?

Sherpa people live at the Everest base camp. When you, as a history enthusiast, are at the Everest base camp, you will closely get an opportunity to not only know about the history of their community but also experience as much organic and authentic atmosphere of their culture and traditions. 


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